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Financial wellness means freedom from stress and financial worry, being able to make choices and enjoy life. 

Employees want to make their own financial decisions but need help to validate them. 

Employers search for ways to better help their employees but they lack the right info.

Bring balance to your workplace with Apperia.



Plan ahead

Improve your finances using a secure, simple to use mobile app. Understand how your short term spending impacts your long term goals, such as savings and pensions. Compare against your peers,​ and see if you are on track with people in your age group, income, or situation. Receive daily financial education tips. Live your life, and let Apperia bring clarity to your finances.


Work together

Happier employees tend to stay with their employer longer. Improving your staff's financial health has a great impact on productivity, absenteeism, and retention. Receive essential insights on workforce financial wellbeing, pinpoint areas where you can provide better benefits. Identify problems early and better focus your remediation efforts. It’s a win-win!

The Recipe

Real Benefits

Apperia allows employers and employees to collaborate on a new level, delivering a healthier and happier workforce, and making a good employer a better one. Focus on your company’s mission, and Apperia will be focusing on delivering financial wellbeing.

Workplace Financial Wellbeing

Work can sometimes be a stressful place. Emails, deadlines and back to back meetings build up the pressure. If you add the worries and anxiety about personal finances in the mix, you can find yourself struggling to cope.

The figures

Research shows that a big part of the UK workforce is facing financial difficulties one way or another. Two thirds of all the people affected reported poor mental health and increasing amount of worrying.

Worries at work

While many of our worries and difficulties are not related to our job, they can quickly begin to affect our life in the workplace, and impact on our productivity.

What can employers do?

Employers are aware that a financially resilient workforce is a key contributor to better business. Employers want to proactively support their staff, however until now there was no compelling solution available to deliver a holistic approach to financial wellbeing. With Apperia, now there is!


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Apperia does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment. 

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